Peter Johnson

is a multi-instrumentalist improviser, composer, music producer, sound designer, arranger, music technologist, & collaborator based in New Orleans.

I work primarily in live music performance, group/collaborative devising, and experimental live composing, in addition to scoring and sound design.

My interests include live electroacoustic music, multichannel spatial speaker compositions/installations, electronic improvisation, and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Please contact him about commissions, licensing, or other projects.

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Bio / Works

Peter J Bowling

b.1987 Boulder CO USA

@peterjbowling : 847-752-5518 :

Select Body of Work 


nightingale (Sept 2020) – PDF

ganymede’s lament (March 2020) – PDF

Lizette – co-composed with free feral, Sultana Isham & Les Cenelles – for string quintet, guitar, vocals, electronics – (January 2020) – PDF excerpt

PINK – for solo viol da gamba, spatialized speakers, & electronics – (December 2019) 

Live Composition Performance Installation at Hotel Peter & Paul – Nov & Dec 2019 – over the course of a quick 5 weeks, I wrote an original 45-minute suite for viol da gamba, electronics and two spatially distant speaker systems in a public composition installation. Find movement 6-of-7 excerpted as an etude here PDF 

The Unsilent Picture – with Aurora Nealand – live film score for cello, accordion and guitar (October 2018) – PDF

Marie Mouri – traditional arr. Dave Greely, recomposed by Peter J Bowling for Les Cenelles –  String Quartet, Saxophone, Electronics – (May 2018) – PDF

Theatre & Live Performance

“Demolition Downtown“ & “Chalky White Substance” by Tennessee Williams – Beaubourg Theatre Company – Sound Design & Composition – (March 2020)

“John” by Annie Baker – Beaubourg Theatre Company (November 2019)

nominated for a 2019 Big Easy Award for Best Sound Design

The Subletters Omen – Xavier Juarez & Sam Springston w/Hugo Gyrl – Sound Design –  (October 2018)

“Choke Hole”  Live Drag Queen WrestlingHigh Profile & Hugo Gyrl – Live Sound & Sound Design (June 2018)

Distance of Sound –  Goat in the Road Productions – Composition and Sound Design – (May 2018)

Fleur Suite – Fly Circus Space Productions – New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation’s 2018 Jazz Fest (May 2018)

Foreign to Myself – Goat in the Road Productions (March 2017 & January 2018) Composition (supported by Denise Frazier), Ableton Programming, Violin, & Sound Design (supporting Kyle Sheehan). 

American Theatre Magazine Review

The Way at Midnight – Mondo Bizarro @ the Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans – Composition and Sound Design – (Sept 2017)

This Sweaty City episodes 1-3 – Goat in the Road Productions live radio play – Composition & Scoring (2013-2014)

Music Ensembles

Les Cenelles 

A contemporary string+ ensemble dedicated to  fusion of historic creole and original compositions with string ensemble, piano, wind, vocals and electronics. As through modern compositions and revivalist approaches, they  explore the Creole diaspora through melody and memory to honor cultural ancestors and preserve the plurality of their experiences through a prismatic and contemporary lens. (March 2018 – present)

The Ramshackle Revival

The Ramshackle Revival is a 5-piece ensemble based in New Orleans, LA coming to wreck shop in your aural kitchen The Ramshackle Revival has been described by randoms as “Post-apocalyptic folk.” A bartender called us “Appalachian Gregorian chant.” We also like the moody genre we invented called “Dark Twang,” or #HoodrachetHootenany. The Revival blends together various roots traditions into a monstrous aural cocktail to tell stories of contemporary southern life in all her weirdness, mundanity, and beauty (Nov 2018- Present)


Comprised of weirdos Aurora Nealand, Steve Gilliland and Peter J Bowling, these three Lunatics compose easy listening pop songs for the end of days. The self-released LP Easy Listening for Lunatics is forthcoming in January 2021 (June 2020-Present)


IFTY BIFTY is a genre nonconforming band consisting of Toren Hardee, Rosemary Minasian & Peter J Bowling. A debut EP “i’m not afraid” was released June 2021. Electroacoustic avant-folk. (November 2019-Present)


A deeper-voiced polyphonic choir specializing in the music of Georgia, Corsica, and beyond. (Spring 2016-Present)

The Wanting 

The Wanting are lead by team song writers Chris Jacob and Cate Swan, supported by Chad Robin (vocals/keys), Peter J Bowling (vocals/double bass), & Tyler Harwood (drums). The debut album Dark Road  was released October 2018 by Planetary Magnetics.  (2017-2019)

Blue & Brown Books

blue & brown books were a songwriting project lead by Kyle Ferguson and supported by brothers Timothy & Peter J Bowling. Their self-titled album was released by Future Apple Tree records in 2010. (2008-2010)

Radio / Podcast

Life Raft (2020-ongoing) – Produced by Travis Lux & Lauren Malara, WWNO, WRKF and PRX – Composition and Sound Design 


Sticky Wicket (2018) – produced by Laine Kaplan-Levenson WWNO WRKF- Composition and Sound Design

Last Call (2015)- – Season 1 episodes 1-2 – Production and Scoring  (with free feral) – Multidisciplinary oral history podcast/performance about the erasure of Dyke Bars in New Orleans


The Unsilent Picture – Historic Hudson Valley Presents- co-composed with Aurora Nealand, live scored for Cello (Akua Dixon), Accordion (Matthew Schreiber) & Guitar (Tony DePaolo) – (October 2018, 2019, 2020) – PDF

Greed  – Live Film Score by Asphalt Serenade  – Instrumentalist & co-Composition –  (March 2018)

Exhibitions & Installations

1850 House – Goat in the Road Productions and the Louisiana State Museum – 6 Channel Sound Installation; Sound Design & Engineering – (March 2018-present)

Beyond the Haunted Puddle – Sound Design & Engineering –  8 channel Haunted House Performance Installation –  (October 2016)

DJ Mixes & Productions


Instruments, in order of proficiency-: Double Bass, Guitar, Electronics, Viol da Gamba, Piano, Violin, Accordion

Ableton Live Suite v9-10; Expert Level

Recording Engineering & Live Sound Mixing

Composition/transcription arrangement –  Sibelius, Finale, Musescore

Adobe Suite

Training & Teaching:


Open Access Music; Computer Audio Fundamentals – Beaubourg Theatre School – (March 2020)

6 week course for introducing computer music to students using freeware/open source applications

Scoring Essentials – New Orleans Public Library  – (July 2018)

30 minute workshop introducing high school students to scoring basics

Tulane University Neuroscience Program (2014-2017)  

 6 credits of Graduate and Undergraduate coursework, including “Trends in Neuroscience” (graduate science literature club), “Careers in Health Sciences” (undergraduate career development course) and others.

Private Instruction; Double Bass, Guitar, Composition, Theory, Ableton Live  (2008-Present)

Artistic Training

Music Teachers: Roger Cline ( Double Bass – Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Clara Lindner (Violin – Chicago Philharmonic), Jason Heath (double bass), Gary Palmer (double bass), Randall Hall (improvisation), Rick Snow (electronics), Matt Bell (guitar)

Science Training

MA  University of Chicago 2011; Science & Technology Studies & Neuroscience

BA Augustana College 2009; Neuroscience